Cialis and Viagra Information for First Time Buyer Which Is Best

Cialis and Viagra Information for First Time Buyer

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence?

Men who are unable to gain or keep an erection have a condition that is commonly diagnosed using the term erectile dysfunction (ED). Previously these men were called impotent, but that term has fallen into disuse due to its derogatory connotations. Impotence can also be used to describe some of the other causes of reproductive inability in men, like ejaculatory issues, sexual disinterest or issues relating to the ability to orgasm. Using the term ‘erectile dysfunction’ instead of impotence clarifies that those other problems are not involved.

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The Variations of Types of ED

There are three main types of issues involved with erectile dysfunction. If a man is completely unable to gain an erection, he has the first type of ED. If the issue is intermittent so that he gains an erection sometimes but fails to gain an erection other times, he has the second type of ED. Men who can gain an erection but are unable to sustain the erection long enough for sexual satisfaction have the third type of ED.

Since the advent of the oral erectile dysfunction medications, Cialis and Viagra, the treatment of all three types of erectile dysfunction problems has become much easier. Cialis and Viagra are two of the drugs that have been formulated to combat this embarrassing condition. Many older men with erectile dysfunction have a physical basis causing their problem. Sometimes disease, injury or the side effects of drugs affects their ability to sustain successful erections. Disorders that cause injury to the nerves or impaired blood flow to the penis have the potential to cause erectile dysfunction. The incidence of disorders leading to erectile dysfunction increases with age since chronic health issues and exposure to medications increases with age.

Who Suffers from ED?

Most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are middle aged and older. The availability of oral erectile dysfunction medication means that men are able to continue having satisfying sex lives as they age. As society has become more aware of the ease of treatment of erectile problems using Cialis Australia or Viagra Australia, younger men have also begun to use these medications for enhanced performance in the bedroom. The reduced societal stigma around use of these medications has allowed greater consideration of treating erectile dysfunction in younger men allowing better sexual satisfaction in men of all ages.

Cialis and Viagra Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction

As the overall health of our modern societies declines with ever greater numbers being diagnosed with chronic health conditions, the frequency and severity of erectile dysfunction has also increased.

Conditions that are related to aging such as diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis also cause erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, these conditions are being diagnosed in younger and younger men these days so that we must consider that aging is perhaps not the cause.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often also suffer from associated feelings of a lack of self-worth, particularly if they are unable to satisfy their partner sexually. The relative ease of taking a pill to solve this particular problem has helped the health issue to become less embarrassing and even younger men are more likely to be able to seek help from their doctor in the form of a prescription for Cialis or Viagra. More at


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